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About Blackhearts

Blackhearts have been raiding since the start of 2014, while only raiding 6 hours a week so we like to maximise our raid time while having as much fun as possible!!
While mainly being a raiding guild we are always on the lookout for players from all aspects of the game be it PvP, Questing, to just having a good time chatting in guild chat.
We are currently recruiting all classes for our WoD mythic team(with trials lasting a min of 3 weeks), if you feel like this is you throw a app on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible :)

We Currently raid:

Wednesday- 7:30pm- 10pm ST (GMT +10)
Sunday- 7pm-10pm ST (GMT+10)
Monday- 7pm-10pm ST (GMT+10)

If you have any questions in game feel free to speak to a officer ingame or add skellgannon#1420(GM), Trai#6383(Oficer) or Bill#11918 (Officer)

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